Server providers

These awesome organisations and individuals have contributed gameservers to the reservation system

Professional hosting providers

Logo Name Description Location IP

TragicServers is a very well known provider in North America who does a lot for the NA scene. For the NA version of, TragicServers provides all gameservers in 4 locations. TragicServers is the reason there's a at all.

United States of Amercia, Chicago-Dallas-New York-San Jose,,,
SimRai "SimRai provides perfect quality gaming servers that don't leave you with an empty wallet. Simple as that. Please try our services, you won't be disappointed!" France, the Netherlands, England,,,

Community supporters

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FakkelBrigade is a long time supporter of the European TF2 scene, providing free services for clans. Free mumble, free servers and free STV relays. They also host community website VanillaTF2. FakkelBrigades provides a number of gameservers.

Germany - Falkenstein + Dusseldorf, France - Roubaix, the Netherlands - Rotterdam,,, &
James76931   France, Gravelines